Wednesday, July 29, 2015

"Happy people like songs, sad people like poetry." - from Penny Dreadful on ShowTime, 5/31/15

"If there is no God, who decides who gets cancer? " - Tosh.O 3/31/15 

Unions exist to correct injustices. If things had been okay they never would have formed. 

"I could live a poet's life. I don't need much. But my wife and kids are greedy capitalist pigs. More, more, more..... wah. I want food with every meal.... wah." - Tom Papa 

"A person needs to think that you care, before they care what you think."  - Wes Moore

"Sometimes you have to run toward the thing that gives you the most pain, to find your purpose, to find joy." - Wes Moore on the Daily Show talking about his book "The Work" 2/4/15 

"I have questions always in my mind. Writing fiction, writing a story, is a way of meditating on the question and finding one possible answer." - Amy Tan 

"Hopes - they're what we cling to when reality has left us nothing else." - John Malkovich on SNL

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